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Rachel Long

Black Joy

Rachel Long tells us about being inspired by Jean “Binta” Breeze, wanting to write poems that sound and feel real and why she set up Octavia Poetry Collective.

Hafsa Zayyan

It's been a wild ride

In this episode writers Patricia Cumper and Pauline Walker are joined by debut novelist Hafsa Zayyan who tells us about winning the #Merky Books New Writer’s Prize, how she researched her story about immigrants and why she’s reticent to call herself a writer yet.


Colin Grant

I've been a ventriloquist

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Juliet Gilkes Romero

Soy Negra

Juliet Gilkes Romero speaks about her revolutionary parents, starting out as a journalist before switching to playwriting and how her identity as a black woman writer is integral to her writing.

Alex Wheatle

Reading became my saviour

Alex Wheatle shares with us how reading became his saviour, when he started writing novels before moving into developing a successful career writing YA fiction and how his life was put on the screen in acclaimed director Steve McQueen’s Small Axe films.

Diana Evans

Finding my voice

Diana Evans discusses how she started writing novels, juggling her twin careers as novelist and journalist, her writing process and winning awards.


Nick Makoha

The greatest gift bestowed upon us is the ability to tell and share a story

Nick Makoha discusses his love of language, how he became a poet, the power of storytelling and his commitment to pursuing a career as a writer without a safety net.

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